A Garage with a Cabin!

Introducing, the Garbin!

Ah, the versatility of a Garbin! What’s a Garbin, you ask? A Garage with a Cabin!

A Garbin is an increasingly popular way to enjoy lake living, whether your goal is to use the space as a weekend getaway or you plan to build a house on the property some time down the road. A Garbin makes the perfect guest cottage once a larger home is constructed.

Meet the Spitzack-Built Garbin!
What sets a Spitzack-Built Garbin apart from the rest? With 40 years of experience behind us, Spitzack Builders is synonymous with superior quality. We’ve built a solid reputation for bringing dream homes to life, and our Spitzack-Built Garbins are no exception.
When you work with Spitzack Builders, we’ll sit down and listen to the hopes and dreams you have for your property, for your family and for your future. Then we’ll work closely with you to bring those dreams to life as we design a Garbin that is suitable for your property, perfect for your family, and meets all state and local codes.
Versatile Design
If your Spitzack-Built Garbin is intended as a weekend getaway, we’ll design it to take full advantage of the spectacular views nature has to offer. If your Garbin is temporary living space until you are better situated to build the home of your dreams, we’ll design it in such a way as to remain functional as stand-alone guest quarters or as an integral part of your newly-expanded living space.