Renovations & Remodeling

What’s the Difference Between Renovation and Remodeling?


Spitzack Builders is the premier home contractor in Northern Minnesota with a long history of producing high-quality home renovations and remodels. We can help you get the most out of your existing space, or build the addition that finally gives your family the room it needs to grow together.

Remodeling and renovating are words that are often used interchangeably, but they really do have different meanings. Remodeling involves changing the structure or form of something; it’s is a great way to bring new life to what already has so many good things going for it, like changing the floor plan of your home. Renovating, on the other hand, means to restore something to good condition or bring it up to current standard; for builders like us, this might mean keeping the original design of your kitchen, but updating it with new cabinets, fixtures or windows.

Home Renovations

A home renovation will make a space functional in the modern world, while retaining much of the feel of the original space. Whether you have a house that has been in the family for years or have purchased an existing home or cabin that simply does not suit your current tastes, we can renovate that structure into a state-of-the-art home that maintains the original, up-north feel of the property.

Renovating a single room in your home, such as the kitchen, bathroom or living room will not only render the area more attractive and adapted to modern conveniences, it will add to the resale value of the property.

Versatile Design
If your Spitzack-Built Garbin is intended as a weekend getaway, we’ll design it to take full advantage of the spectacular views nature has to offer. If your Garbin is temporary living space until you are better situated to build the home of your dreams, we’ll design it in such a way as to remain functional as stand-alone guest quarters or as an integral part of your newly-expanded living space.

At Spitzack Builders, we’ve been remodeling and renovating area homes for 4 decades. Some of our favorite jobs involve helping homeowners make their dream of a fully-functional, totally updated home a reality. With an eye for detail and a commitment to superior design and craftsmanship, we can help your family stay in your current neighborhood in a home that has so much more to offer than when you first moved into it.
Home Remodeling

If you have an area that does not work for your lifestyle due to space constrictions or lack of flow, remodeling is probably in order. Remodeling will alter the construction, layout or function of a space while utilizing your home’s best assets.

Homeowners remodel kitchen and bathroom areas more often than any other rooms because the kitchen is where life happens and bathrooms mark the great escape from the struggle of life! Whatever area of your home you’d like to change, call the experts in home remodeling Walker area residents trust: Spitzack Builders.